High Functioning Individuals & Teams

Selected Clients

Turner Broadcasting
The New York Times
Columbia Business School
Fordham Business School
United Nations Secretariat
Global Journalist Security
Committee to Protect Journalists
Human Rights Watch
NYC Dept of Homeless Services
Individual Clients

Beyond Leadership

The Warrior Learns to Listen
Getting out of the Weeds 
The Player on the Couch
Critical Players & Team Effectiveness 
The Right Fit
Leader or Individual Contributor? 
Goal Setting
Extraordinary Skills - Wrong Job
To Good to Let Go
From Trader to Leader 
Brilliant and Poised to Fail
Taking Feedback
Career is Stalled
Achieving Confidence 
From Corporate Attorney to CEO
Taking the Next Step


Leadership & Teams

TEAM ALIGNMENT: Our work with senior teams structures roles, goals, accountabilities, and builds relationships to enable teams to work more efficiently with clear results. As facilitators, we identify barriers and offer skills of listening, assertion, influencing, and managing conflict to achieve cross-functional collaboration. The result is faster response, better results and clear paths to profitability.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING: We teach the key leadership skills such as strategic planning, inspiring, motivating, goal setting, delegating, coaching, managing performance.


Coaching & Transition

ORGANIZATIONS retain PDCO to take high-potential leaders to the next level with key leadership competencies, confidence and executive presence.

INDIVIDUALS overcome barriers to career and personal fulfillment. They build self-management and stress-management skills.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE: Pat is not only an executive coach but a mental health professional. She provides organizations with regular, confidential hours to help senior executives and key employees resolve personal barriers to success.

EXECUTIVES receive direct support for rapid resolution of work, family and personal issues.



RESILIENT INDIVIDUALS: For journalists and humanitarian workers suffering the impact of war and man-made catastrophes at home, as well as for executives shocked and challenged by change and the digital wave, PDCO teaches mental, physical, emotional and spiritual competencies that foster resilience. More than stress management, it is personal readiness.

RESILIENT ORGANIZATIONS: Our rapidly changing world has brought Job stress to new levels and leaders are asking what they can do to support their people. We teach ways of managing that create a culture of support, collaboration, communication and trust.

OVERSEAS ASSIGNMENTS: Pat briefs journalists heading for war zones as well as executives and their families before departure.